Tory councillor accused of slandering Babergh leader on radio

By Derek Davis

22nd Jun 2022 | Local News

Alleged liar Cllr Dawson caught on You Tube eating her own snot during a council meeting
Alleged liar Cllr Dawson caught on You Tube eating her own snot during a council meeting

A conservative councillor has once again been slammed for making false statements.

During last night's Babergh full council meeting the Hadleigh north councillor Sian Dawson tried to defend comments in a radio interview that Babergh leader John Ward had admitted the Cork's Lane development is not likely to deliver a profit, but her statement does not appear to have any foundation and Cllr Ward called her comments 'slanderous'.

Dawson, is also currently being investigated by Babergh's monitoring office over allegedly making false and defamatory comments during a report to Hadleigh town council, which was subsequently removed following concerns aired by other councillors.

She has also been slammed before for making false statement to Hadleigh town council in previous reports, which have been challenged by councillors and corrections sent to the previous mayor.

Cllr Dawson also embarrassed other councillors when she was caught picking her nose and eating the contents during a public meeting, which was shared on social media.

Brian Riley back in the spotlight at last nights Babergh meeting

Cllr Ward was answering a question from former county councillor Brian Riley about the monthly cost of security at the Corks Lane site.

In his supplementary question Mr Riley asked: "If Babergh is not making money out of the question - who is?"

"Mr Riley, you have said that Babergh would either break even or make a slight loss, that has never been said by Babergh.

"I have always said, and Babergh has always said, it would make a profit. The only person to ever say that (it would not make a profit) perversely, is Cllr Dawson on the radio a week ago and the fact you (Cllr Dawson) attributed to me on the radio is slanderous."

Cllr Dawson tried to speak over Cllr Ward arguing he had said that. Yet there is no evidence, either in verbal or written form, to back her claims.

The chair Kathryn Grandon warned Cllrs Simon Barrett and Dawson regarding their behaviour and warned Cllr Barrett he would be removed from the chamber of he continued with his disruptive and disrespectful behaviour.

Cllr Ward went on to tell Mr Riley, who is understood to now live in the Pinewood area of Ipswich: "We would either break even or make a profit, more likely to make a profit. We are redeveloping the site. We are finally a position

"That would allow me and my colleagues opposite (the Tory group) to honour a commitment we made in our manifesto in 2019."

Cllrs Dawson and Barrett were among the Conservative administration that voted to close the former Babergh headquarters and move the council to Endeavor House so they could use the site, including the Bridge Street car park, for development.

Mr Riley's original question was: "What possible justification is there for £9,000 a month to be spent every month on security for the Corks Lane properties?

Vandalism at Corks Lane

Cllr Ward responded: "The justification is to protect the premises. It has been necessary to have 24/7 security in operation at Corks Lane in Hadleigh due to the level of break-ins and anti-social behaviour that was occurring at the vacant site. I am sure you will agree that we couldn't leave it unattended.

"The security presence on site has reduced this activity: it has protected the listed buildings from damage and vandalism and reduced the impact of any anti-social behaviour on the immediate neighbours and community. 

"Security will be provided by our contractors as part of the development once the works commence on site in August."

Ironically, in a blog post by Mr Riley he actually says, in contradiction to his follow up question: "The development is expected to realise 57 homes. Due to increased costs and impacts from Brexit, the war in Ukraine and inflation, the costs of the scheme have gone up by £680,000 over four years– which begs the question why is there an increase in borrowing powers of £3.3 million.

"And now comes the prize-winning comment from the Great Leader of the Rainbow Coalitioned Council (John Ward) "Ultimately the development is still expected to break even or even show a modest profit."

Former councillor Brian Riley created controversy when he moved to North Carolina in America while still serving, and collecting his allowance, as Hadleigh's Suffolk County councillor. He was thrown out of the Conservative group but refused to quit and claimed his £10,237 a year allowance until he eventually quit in 2016 after collecting more than £15,000.

In 2016 Cllr Dawson resigned as a magistrate in Westminster London before she could be sacked by the Lord Chancellor. after being the subject of an investigation by the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office.

It looked into allegations that she had twice tried to use her position as a magistrate for personal advantage.

Cllr Dawson was also caught picking her nose and eating its contents during a meeting in January. YouTube clip here...


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