Trolls and worse have no right to try and drive out councillors

  Posted: 29.08.20 at 10:04 by Derek Davis

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District Councillor Report - Derek Davis Ganges ward

I know being a councillor, journalist and part-time referee, will never see me listed among the top 10 of most popular people. But like many others in those categories we do our utmost for the community in the best way we can.

Just because people, either as councillors, referees or journalists, are at the forefront of things, that does not give rude, offensive and ignorant Trolls the right to attack them, tell lies about them or act in the despicable manner, which a handful seem to feel they have the right to do and it is becoming more widespread and more prevalent.

It is sad that a few individuals feel so inadequate they need to attack councillors, and others trying to do their best for our communities, but it is also sad that while we have so many wonderful people here, we also have those who, whether it is through jealously, ignorance or plain malice, choose to snipe and backstab or just blatantly try to undermine those trying, and quite often succeeding, in doing the right and good things locally.

I was appalled, but given my own experiences not surprised, when I saw about the poor councillor in Beccles, felt compelled to resign due to attacks on social media made to her and colleagues after a decision to implement guidelines and restrictions in their town centre to try and get business back working as close to normal as possible.

In my experience, those who attack without knowing the facts, reveal private emails or make defamatory statements, are rarely actually any good at anything they do, much less be effective in representing the community, usually because they have their own agenda.

I feel for the councillors who simply have had enough further afield, and here in the recent past, but I can promise you this. I will continue to represent the people in Shotley and Erwarton who elected me by a massive majority to represent Ganges ward, and will continue to work assiduously and professionally as a regional editor for the massively well-read Nub News, so I can pay my mortgage and put food on the table for my son.

I will continue to support colleagues going through difficult times and, in both roles, do my best for the community and root out wrongdoing by those arrogant enough to think they can take advantage of Covid-19 and get away with all manner of ethical, moral and criminal misdemeanours.

On a happier note, I’m delighted to have had a positive reaction to my last In Touch report, with people applying for a slice of my small, but very useful Locality Awards. I can confirm Shotley Open Spaces have been granted £365 from me for their mobile defibrillator towards their target of nearly £2,000. A huge well done to eight-year-old Emily Troman who is raising funds through her £2 per 2K walking challenge, and all SOS supporters who are making this project possible through various means.

In other news, Peninsula residents are being asked to keep looking out for each other and combat Covid-19 by wearing a face covering in shops, following new Government guidance introduced in July. 
Businesses across Suffolk are being given help as new licensing laws are due to be debated by Government to make it easier for cafés, pubs and restaurants to open. 

Environmentally-friendly initiatives across Babergh, including electricity micro-generation and solar storage carports, have received a major boost this week, with government matched funding of up to £800,000.

The growth of sustainable technology across the districts – a major part of our ambition to become carbon neutral by 2030 - will receive an injection of up to £800,000 in matched funding from the “Getting Building Fund”, with the money going towards a pilot scheme to introduce electricity micro-generation and storage solar carports in Sudbury and you never know, could come to the peninsula in time.

Meanwhile, there have been urgent changes to planning restrictions on construction working hours to support safe construction working, in line with the Government’s latest social distancing guidance on construction and other outdoor work. For many construction sites, implementation of this guidance will require changes to working practices, including staggered starts and finishes, requiring different hours of operation to those which are currently permitted for the site through planning conditions.

For more details on these go to the Babergh website.
I can be contacted: [email protected] or 787375.
You can find my FB page as Derek Davis - Independent Councillor.

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