Marina's additional speed bumps to boost safety at 'Boy Racer' hot spot

  Posted: 30.06.20 at 10:38 by The Editor

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Three new speed bumps are being installed this week along a road increasingly being used by so called 'boy racers'.

Shotley Marina are fitting three additional speed ramps on Queen Victoria Drive and King Edward VII Drive, in a bid to increase safety.

A marina spokesman told Nub News: "The purpose is to reduce the speed of traffic as a safety measure for the many pedestrians who use the access from Bristol Hill down to the Marina."

Shotley Marina own the land right up to the pier opposite the Bristol Arms and the speed limiters will be installed on their own land.

The move comes days after a Nissan Navara lost control coming round the bend at the bottom of Bristol Hill and skidded into a lamp post, causing severe damage.

Concerns about drivers revving up, speeding along the road by the two piers and screeching up Bristol Hill, have been voiced by residents.

The junction is also popular with residents and visitors, including young children, going to the picnic area, and the beach and using the outside space at Bristol Arms.

Suffolk police and Suffolk County Council, responsible for traffic and highways issues on public roads, have been informed of the nuisance and solutions are being sought.

Meanwhile, Shotley Marina have acted on the land they own.

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