Hungry Hack: Rose to rescue after Uber Eats' McFlop

  Posted: 17.03.21 at 09:51 by Hungry Hack

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We are fortunate to have so many excellent takeaway options on the Shotley peninsula, many of which this Hungry Hack has tried, tasted and enjoyed.

However, we can all succumb to temptation and I almost did last night, but providence intervened and I ended up staying faithful thanks to a, as my son described them, 'Stupid Uber Eats' McFlop.

For reasons I won't bore you with we decided a takeaway was our best option, but being a Tuesday, choice was limited and I was happy to phone Sarah at the Rose. But my teenage son offered an alternative. 'Let's try Uber Eats and get the free delivery' he suggested.

Like everyone else in this part of the peninsula we had received a flyer through the door declaring: "That's right you can now get all your McDonald's favourites delivered right to your door'. Not only that but if we spent more can £10 Uber Eats would deliver 'right to our door' for free.

Except they don't do Shotley as my lad discovered when he opened, first the McDonald's app, then signed up to the Uber Eats app, only to find the nearest takeaway was in Felixstowe, and in any case we were out of the area.

Which begs the question why on earth spend time, money and destroy a tree or two and deliver hundreds of useless leaflets to our homes?

Thankfully the Rose came to the rescue after we left message on the answerphone, Sarah quickly came back confirming we could order a Woody's Burger along with scampi and chips, with a cheery 'Of course you can my lovely'.

It goes with saying both meals were rapidly devoured with relish and Albie was very complimentary about the burger from Woody's in Holbrook. 'Better than McDonald's by miles.'

So if you have been thinking of using the McD's and Uber Eats offer don't bother.

Stick to the excellent choices we have here on the peninsula.

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