Andrew Coulson: Pentecost Thought

  Posted: 31.05.20 at 06:15 by Andrew Coulson

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My thoughts for Pentecost -

Yes this will be Pentecost Sunday but it seems less like Pentecost than I could ever have imagined or experienced before. It reminds me that at the first Pentecost the disciples were waiting in a room, scared to go out and scared to meet or speak to other people, which sounds rather similar to the situation we currently find ourselves in. 

When the disciples received the Holy Spirit their feelings, emotions and excitement changed and grew and they went out into the streets to share the good news of Jesus.

Our feelings, emotions and excitement may be at a low ebb at the moment and I would not advise anyone to dash out onto the streets on Sunday - as that may break current lock-down rules - but I pray that your feelings, emotions and excitement will be raised by the knowledge that God's Holy Spirit is with us not just on Pentecost Sunday but at all times.

The Holy Spirit will guide us, strengthen us and support us during these times if we look towards him so that we can rejoice when our current difficulties are overcome by the grace and love of God.

Best wishes and stay safe in the love and power of God.

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