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Andrew Coulson: Pentecost Thought

Posted: 31.05.20 by Andrew Coulson Opinion

My thoughts for Pentecost - Yes this will be Pentecost Sunday but it seems less like Pentecost than I could ever have imagined or experienced befor...

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In Your View: Normal is bigger killer than Covid-19 but we have the cure

Posted: 27.05.20 by Andrew Sterling Opinion

We are all appalled by the destructiveness of Covid-19 not least because it’s new to us. And we want to return to life as normal. But that nor...

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Councillor calls for cycle routes on peninsula to be pushed forward

Posted: 23.05.20 by Derek Davis Babergh District Councillor Opinion

Anyone who knows the main route from Wherstead to Shotley Gate and has ventured along the said B1456 of late, will know that while car traffic has dro...

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Driven To Despair, But Finding The Reasons To Live

Posted: 18.05.20 by Connor Sams Opinion

I remember seeing it so well. The fear. The shock. All unable to speak. Tears roll down their faces when they hear the truth. My colleagues, m...

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Ganges Ward Update: So much good being done during this Covid-19 crisis

Posted: 04.05.20 by Derek Davis, Babergh cabinet member and Ganges ward councillor Opinion

Derek Davis, Babergh District Council Report, Ganges ward This will be a report like no other in the history of Babergh district council, as...

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Why is now the Right Time to Keep a Creative Journal?

Posted: 23.04.20 by Andrew Williams Opinion

There seems to be little sign of the current lock down restrictions being lifted any time soon and after the initial few weeks of adjustment, wrapping...

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Top insurance tips on making sure your empty premises are covered during Covid-19

Posted: 22.04.20 by Lee Parker, independent insurance broker Opinion

The Coronavirus has taken the world by storm. It's forced people to remain at home and of businesses on the peninsula to change their working ...

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Takeaway Review: Dolly's Pizzas

Posted: 07.04.20 by Hungry Hack Opinion

With many pubs and takeaways fighting a bitter battle just to survive, the Hungry Hack has decided to try out each one of the menus we get to know abo...

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Steve Trumm's virtual walk - The Strand, Orwell Bridge, Freston Tower - Don't Be A Covidiot #stayayhome

Posted: 05.04.20 by Steve Trumm Opinion

Don't be a Covidiot, enjoy this virtual walk video instead of making a non-essential journey just for a view. #stayathomesaveslives...

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Stay off the peninsula - that's an order

Posted: 04.04.20 by Derek Davis - Babergh District Councillor Ganges ward. Opinion

As the early morning mist clears and the sun once agin reveals the full beauty of the Shotley peninsula, instinct is for many to jump in their cars an...

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