Tesco splits opinion with easing of social distancing measures

  Posted: 12.07.20 at 17:09 by The Editor

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Easing of social distancing measures in Tesco has split opinion among customers

Supermarkets across the country introduced safety measures as coronavirus broke out in the UK. But as the government eases lockdown measures, Tesco, including the sore at Copdock, has scrapped one-way systems and will now be letting more customers in stores, although they will be encouraged to remain two metres apart.

The changes have split opinion, with residents taking to social media to express both their concerns and support for Tesco's decision.

Tesco customers have described their shopping experience as "a free for all" and said they no longer feel safe going to the supermarket.

However, others have said it is the right time for restrictions to be eased, pointing out that it will make shopping quicker and it's up to individual customers to take responsibility and socially distance.

After complaints about the easing of safety measures, Tesco's customer services department issued the following statement: "From Wednesday, July 8 we're making changes to the social distancing guidelines in all our stores. We're removing the one way system in all our stores and replacing the arrow stickers with the two-metre keep your distance floor stickers.

"We'll also be allowing more customers in the shop at the one time, while adhering to the current government guidelines. We will only ever make in store changes based on the government guidelines.

"Throughout the pandemic, we have followed all relative guidance from the government and public health authorities and we will continue to do so. The latest guidance in England is to observe one metre-plus, where two metre social distancing is not possible. We will therefore continue to observe 2m social distancing to ensure our customers and colleagues are safe.

"These measures cover the whole of the UK. We will continue to ensure our social distancing measures follow the guidance of each of the devolved administrations."

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