Shotley primary school pupils take part in 100 challenge to honour Captain Tom

  Posted: 01.05.21 at 16:08 by Derek Davis

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Pupils at Shotley primary school appeared on television after taking part in a national campaign to honour Captain Tom.

Shotley Hedgehogs planted 100 wildflowers in a bed that will be theirs to look after throughout their primary schooldays.

The Albatrosses had to draw 100 flags for the top 100 countries with Covid infections using the ratio for every 100,000, while the Ladybirds' class dressed up in red protective clothing to complete 100 splashes of paint.

Pupils completed the challenges as part of a charity day to mark Sir CaptainTom who would have been 101 on April 30.

The school featured on Anglia TV after tweeting about their challenges.

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