Shotley man describes how swimming trip turned into near 'tragedy'

  Posted: 28.06.20 at 14:46 by The Editor

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A peninsula man has described how three of his friends are 'lucky to be alive' after a terrifying incident off Felixstowe beach.

Ryan Harris, from Shotley, hailed Coastguard and ambulance crews who helped the trio, all in their 20s, who managed after scrambling onto rocks and, amazingly, after hospital treatment for their injuries, are all today home safe.

Jordan Wright suffered a head injury, while his friend Justin Leigh Summers bashed his ribs on rocks as they went to help their mate Jermaine Jones who had been swept out to sea and was in serious danger of drowning.

Quick thinking by Mr Harris, from Shotley, was praised for calling 999 to help the trio from Stowmarket and Ipswich, but admitted it could have ended in tragedy.

"Three of my mates went into the water for a swim and before we knew it, it turned to a tragedy as one of my friends started to get taken by the waves and was asking for help," said Mr Harris, whose girlfriend is Jermaine's sister.

"As we all panicked, the other the boys then got into distress. I called 999 and asked for Coastguard and ambulance but while on the phone my mate that was struggling and being taken by the waves, had managed to go under water and swim against the waves back to shore.

Coastguard came to the rescue of the three stricken lads

"It was a very scary moment was very worrying.

"The three boys are all home again now and safe thanks to the help and quick response and support of the amazing ambulance team and Coastguard - we can't thank them enough."

Jordan told Nub News: "Jermaine got pulled by the current and then was struggling to swim and was drowning so me and my other mate Justin went to go help him.

"I slipped and fell on the rocks and my other mate got pushed by the waves into the rocks .

"Jermaine managed to swim back to the rocks and managed to grab onto the rocks and managed to get out we all managed to get out the sea with a few injuries.

Justin Leigh Summers bruised ribs trying to rescue his friend

"I cracked my head open, Justin bruised his ribs and Jermaine swallowed a lot of sea water but we are all lucky to come out alive.

"This situation could of been a lot worse but we would like to thank the Coastguard team and the ambulance team for all their help . They were very kind and helpful and it could have been a lot worse."

A Felixstowe Coastguard spokesman said: "At 1559 the team were paged to reports of two males with head injuries.

"When the team arrived on scene, one person had got into difficulties in the sea and two other males went to assist. All three injured males injuries were treated on scene and then transported to hospital.

"Although everybody done the right thing by dialling 999 and requesting the Coastguard, please do not be tempted to attempt a rescue yourself as you are putting your own life at risk."

Jermaine Jones almost drowned

In an emergency dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.

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