Prescription initiative brings help direct to your door

  Posted: 29.06.20 at 07:23 by The Editor

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Residents on the Shotley peninsula can now take advantage of a service offered by the Co-op – and get their prescriptions delivered direct to their door at no extra cost.

Though the service is a permanent one going forward, it is particularly important during this crisis time of social distancing guidelines.

The simple-to-use process has been designed by the Co-op as part of their commitment to helping local communities.

We know that people are concerned about accessing their repeat medication prescriptions and we want to reassure people that we can deliver repeat medication safely and conveniently to homes across the UK if they would prefer not to travel to a pharmacy.”

Many people aren’t aware that they can manage their repeat medication online but the service is quick and easy to manage.

The service is authenticated by the NHS and patient's details are secure. People are requested to upload a facial proof of identity.

Once you’re logged in once, it’s automatic and the NHS system picks up what medication you are prescribed, checks with your doctor and if the surgery says OK the Co-op do the rest and the prescription arrives by post.

The app can be accessed by clicking the download button here.

Shotley and Holbrook surgeries continue to dispense prescriptions, their opening ties can be found in our daily Breakfast Briefings.

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