Police reassure Shotley peninsula dog owners over chalk markings

  Posted: 29.07.20 at 09:29 by Derek Davis

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Concerns over chalk marks near homes with dogs have been played down by police.

Rumours of dog-nappers using the markings as a way of identifying potential targets quickly spread on social media sites on the peninsula and beyond

But, while police have recognised a spike in dog thefts throughout the area, with gangs understood to be responsible, with prices of pets going up due to the Covid-19 crisis, chalk markings may not be involved.

A Suffolk Police spokesman Tweeted: "Residents should be reassured that although reports have been received of some chalk markings left in various areas, at this stage we have nothing to indicate that this is directly linked to the theft of dogs. Remain vigilant and anything suspicious please call police on 101."

It is understood mischievous children are more likely to have left the markings, especially the less sophisticated marks, than potential thieves but dog owners remain concerned.

Gary Wynard, who owns a Labrador, told Nub News: "There have been so many thefts reported in the media it is worrying. Perhaps the police are right about the markings, and it could well be kids, but my Goldie is the world to me and I will be keeping a special eye out to protect her."

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