Police find vehicle in Erwarton ditch after it hit a lamp post miles away

  Posted: 25.06.20 at 16:17 by The Editor

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Police are investigating after they recovered a vehicle from an Erwarton ditch shortly after it had hit and partially demolished a lamppost in Shotley.

The black Nissan Navara skidded into a lamppost at the bottom of Bristol Hill in the early hours of this morning and then made off.

The vehicle was found by police in a ditch near Erwarton Hall just before 3am.

Suffolk Highways workmen were swiftly on the scene to make safe the lamppost first thing this morning, by cutting away a large section, which had fallen into a residential hedge, and taping it up.

Debris from the vehicle, which appears to have lost control as it came round the junction onto Bristol Hill from King Edward VII drive and lost control.

A Suffolk Constabulary spokeswoman told Nub News: "Police were called shortly after 2.10am today, Thursday 25 June, following reports of a road traffic collision in Bristol Hill, Shotley Gate.

Library picture of a black Nissan Navarra

"A Nissan Navara was involved in a collision with a lamppost and then the vehicle left the scene.

"The vehicle was later located and recovered from a ditch in Swan Lane, Erwarton."

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