Holbrook Hornets: Unbeaten under 14s do what Liverpool can't yet, and clinch division title

  Posted: 19.03.20 at 05:42 by The Editor

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Liverpool may be facing an agonising wait to see if they can secure the Premier League title, but there are such worries for one young Holbrook side.

Unbeaten Holbrook Hornets under-14s have already clinched their league title after a close 1-0 win Saturday, which was more enough to get them over the line, with a game to spare.

Whether that game will get played is another matter given the Suffolk FA suspension of all football, but that does not diminish the achievements of James ‘Ash’ Ashby’s boys and girls.

His hard-working Hornets’ side have won nine, and drawn the other of their 10 matches so far, and aim to finish the season with loss, once matches are back up and running.

“To win our division with a game to spare, and be unbeaten is quite an achievement,” said Ash. “The whole team of boys and girls did very well.

“We finished mid-table last year, so this is a big jump and shows how the team has progressed together.”

And the secret to their success could well have been rotating the keeper, as revealed by the coaches. Ash and his assistant Darren Cooper, who is also the cub’s vice-chairman to Paul Moore, after telling the players they had no regular goalkeeper.,

Hornets top the table

“Myself and our other coach, Darren, broke the news that as a team they would have to take responsibility between themselves over the season to fill the role. 

“This in a way helped the team bond and support each other which was great to see.  Mistakes tended to be supported, players encouraged and then battling performances emerged to put things right. 

“More than half our squad have had a spell in goal this season (including friendly games) which I believe has helped our overall performances.”

Although everyone played their part, the team spirt is probably epitomised by coach Darren’s daughter Justine who had previously played a full role in the team but decided she wanted to limit playing time this year.  However, she decided to help run the line for games, vital to referees and the integrity of the game.

Ash added: “We thank her for that, as do many of the parents who may have otherwise been called upon.”

Other teams within the Hornets family are also doing well, with the U13s close to securing their division, although their picture is a little bit more complex at the moment as they need games to be played.

Ash added: “Holbrook as a club is doing very well. We have a good flow of young players and it is a well-run club.”

All local youth football has been suspended by the Suffolk FA under government guidance, until further notice.

To see the league table click the arrow on the right of the picture above.

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