Academy head explains new routine after complaints about parents dropping off and picking up at school

  Posted: 08.09.20 at 12:42 by Derek Davis

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Holbrook homeowners have expressed concerns after some parents dropping children off for school, or when picking up, have blocked driveways, caused chaos on the main road and some side streets and even parked on the zig zags next to the pelican crossing.

The problem appears to have been exacerbated by the Holbrook Academy's new procedure of not allowing students down the school's main entrance way, and instead pupils are directed to walk down a public footpath known as The Cut, and others use another path through from Clench Road, into the playing field areas at the rear of the academy.

"It is a bit chaotic, which we sort of knew it would be," one mother told Nub News: "People need to think more about the effect they are having when they stop in the road just so they can drop their kid off near to the school. Or those who park outside people's houses blocking them in, then say 'I'll only be minute'.

"I don't necessarily blame the school, it is more about some parents being inconsiderate."

Tom Maltby, who joined as the school's new head teacher in the summer, said: "Holbrook Academy, like all schools across the country, is ensuring it is adhering to national guidelines in keeping our students and workforce safe.

"As part of our revised procedures we have introduced a new "park and ride" system which allows parents to drop students off at The Compasses car park and then we lead a walking bus for our students to school. This has been a great success with approximately 45 students choosing to walk to school from this designated area as we try to reduce the amount of cars dropping students off in the very local vicinity."

Students walking towards The Cut after getting off a school bus

Paul Coleman of nearby Abbott Way told Nub News: "The new system is causing havoc. We can barely get in or out of our roads thanks to some inconsiderate drivers leaving their cars.

"I have even seen one stop on the zebra crossing. It is not on."

Mr Maltby is keen to find a suitable solution and said: "We have also introduced a staggered end to the day, in part to try to ensure not all parents are collecting students at the same time, and we are now exploring introducing a further walking bus at the end of the day to mirror the popularity of our early morning support.

"The school continues to work alongside our neighbours and to communicate clearly with our parents and carers."

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