2021 Suffolk police and crime commissioner election result announced

  Posted: 08.05.21 at 17:17 by Jason Noble (local democracy reporter)

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Tim Passmore continues as Suffolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner after securing the 2021 local election with his biggest victory.

Mr Passmore, Conservative, secured 54.7% of the vote in first preference ballots with 112, 139. Labour’s Elizabeth Hughes was second with 47,159 votes – 23% of the vote.

Speaking after the declaration, Mr Passmore outlined some of his key priorities going forward.

He said: “I am absolutely delighted and actually quite humbled to be elected for a third time. We have got to get a new Police and Crime Plan written pretty quickly.

“But If I were to pick out some of the most important things, the pandemic has had a real impact on the economy. We need to get the message out that the pattern of crime has been changing and we need to make sure police have the resources to bring these people to justice.”

He highlighted the impact of the pandemic on domestic abuse numbers and support for young people as key priorities going forward alongside the economic bounce back.

Another pledge was on county lines drug dealing: “I am concerned about the drugs and county lines – progress has been made by the constabulary but supporting [young people] out [of county lines] is absolutely fundamental to the wellbeing of families.”

The PCC elections do not run on a first past the post system, with voters selecting a first and second choice. Second choice votes are only needed if a candidate doesn’t secure more than half of the votes with first choice ballots. However Mr Passmore secured enough votes on first ballots for second choice not to be needed.

The final results are:
Tim Passmore (Conservative): 112,139 (54.7%)
Elizabeth Hughes (Labour): 47,159 (23%)
Andy Patmore (Green): 27,965 (13.6%)
James Sandbach (Liberal Democrats): 17,801 (8.7%)
Turnout: 36.8%
Conservative hold.

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