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Let's Talk About... 100 days

Posted: 05.05.21 by Alastair McCraw Local News

I know. It’s not the Presidency of the United States, is it? However, I’ve found thinking about things and making a plan works well, if only as a ...

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The force was with them when visitor surprised Slimming World

Posted: 05.05.21 by Anne-Marie Sinclair  Local News

Slimming World with Anne-Marie had a surprise visit to our online Brantham group yesterday! But we were confident we could overcome! With the power of...

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Wednesday's Peninsula Breakfast Briefing

Posted: 05.05.21 by The Editor Local News

Wednesday's Wisdom 57 years ago, the Council of Europe declared May 5 as Europe Day, an annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe. ...

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Police ask for witnesses after man dies in crash on Bourne Hill last night

Posted: 04.05.21 by The Editor Local News

Police have confirmed that a man has died following a collision on the A137 at Bourne Hill in Wherstead last night. Investigating officers would li...

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Could your street on the Shotley peninsula be the Street that Saved?

Posted: 04.05.21 by Derek Davis Local News

Suffolk Waste Partnership and Hubbub are on the search for a Suffolk street or community that thinks it’s got what it takes to save money by sav...

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Tuesday's Peninsula Breakfast Briefing

Posted: 04.05.21 by The Editor Local News

Tuesday's Did You Know? Today is Star Wars day - May the 4th be with you. Darth Vader’s chest piece has Ancient Hebrew etched o...

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Woolverstone stalker given decision on jail term after Court of Appeal plea

Posted: 03.05.21 by Derek Davis Local News

A Woolverstone man has failed in a bid to have his jail term slashed by a Court of Appeal. Nub New reported in March 2020 how Simon Bourdon from Ma...

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ViviJaney on YouTube: A little ditty about papering the parlour

Posted: 03.05.21 by Jane Gould Local News

For those enjoying (enduring) a bit of Bank Holiday DIY, a topical little ditty from ViviJaney on papering the parlour....

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Let's talk about... Challenges

Posted: 03.05.21 by Alastair McCraw Opinion

When people talk about challenges it’s often another word for problems. In this case, the problem of how much money Suffolk County Council has t...

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Monday's Peninsula Breakfast Briefing

Posted: 03.05.21 by The Editor Local News

Monday Morning Quotes Lies, damned lies, statistics, and Green party leaflets. To paraphrase a quote attributed to Mark Twain and Benj...

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