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Thursday's Peninsula Breakfast Briefing

Posted: 24.06.21 by The Editor Local News

Thursday's Thought The last supermoon of the year will pass across the Shotley peninsula tonight, looking almost close enough to touch. Kn...

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Wednesday's Peninsula Breakfast Briefing

Posted: 23.06.21 by The Editor Local News

Wednesday's Suffolk Wonder A quick glance by the unknowing driving past the church[like building in Tattingstone would never know it is ac...

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Holbrook cadets fall in as Armed Forces Day celebrations get off to a flying start

Posted: 22.06.21 by Heather Rawson Local News

Cadets from Holbrook's Royal Hospital School today joined in as Babergh proudly flew the flag in support of Suffolk’s dedicated service ...

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County celebrity helps Shotley Vineyard launch limited edition wine on special Suffolk Day

Posted: 22.06.21 by Derek Davis Local News

There was a strong Suffolk theme as Shotley Vineyard launched its limited edition wine on a special day for the county Charlotte and Craig Mills ig...

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Tuesday's Peninsula Breakfast Briefing

Posted: 22.06.21 by The Editor Local News

Tuesday's Teaser A sundial has the fewest moving parts of any timepiece. Which has the most? (Answer below) ------------------------...

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Where in the world Shotley peninsula's recycling ends up is revealed

Posted: 21.06.21 by Jason Noble (local democracy reporter) Local News

The final destinations for Suffolk’s recycling waste have been revealed – with global spots like India and Vietnam among those to take tho...

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Monday's Peninsula Breakfast Briefing

Posted: 21.06.21 by The Editor Local News

Monday's Motivation Behind every award of a Victoria Cross is a remarkable story involving all those qualities that we British hold mos...

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Babergh councillor's monthly report for Ganges ward: grants, emissions increase at academy, Armed Forces Day and more

Posted: 20.06.21 by Derek Davis Local News

First some good news. The Babergh Locality Award scheme which I implemented last year, has reopened for the 2021/2022 tranche and I would encourage co...

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Shoreline Benefice: Readings from Erwarton on Third Sunday of Trinity

Posted: 20.06.21 by Tim Crosbie Local News

The Third Sunday after Trinity First reading 1 Samuel 17, 32–49 David said to Saul, ‘Let no one’s heart fail because of ...

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Sunday's Peninsula Breakfast Briefing

Posted: 20.06.21 by The Editor Local News

Sunday Suffolk Fact Suffolk boasts the oldest continuously-used building in Britain. the Guildhall in Bury St Edmunds dates back to 1279, and ...

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