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Shoreline Benefice: A Second Morning Liturgy from Harkstead

Posted: 06.06.21 by The Editor Opinion

A Second Morning Liturgy In the beginning before time, before people, before the world began, God was. Here and now, among us, beside us, clear...

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Hungry Hack review: Loch & Quay's Sunday lunch

Posted: 22.05.21 by Hungry Hack Opinion

Even though restaurant goers can now eat inside the Loch & Quay at Woolverstone marina is one of those places you are likely to prefer dining outdoors...

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Let's talk about... Challenges

Posted: 03.05.21 by Alastair McCraw Opinion

When people talk about challenges it’s often another word for problems. In this case, the problem of how much money Suffolk County Council has t...

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Let's talk about... being Independent

Posted: 28.04.21 by Alastair McCraw Opinion

When I first stood for election for Parish Council 10 years ago, it was as myself, an Independent. We all did. Who needs parties at a Parish Council? ...

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Let's talk About: Money

Posted: 25.04.21 by Alastair McCraw Opinion

When it comes to getting anything done in Local Government it always comes back to funding. Not just the money you have now, but the money you expect ...

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Let's talk about education...

Posted: 25.04.21 by Alastair McCraw Opinion

I’ve always been very careful when approaching this subject. Not just because it can be very contentious, but as a fair number of close family membe...

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Mary McLaren puts the spotlight on children

Posted: 14.04.21 by Mary McLaren Opinion

Many years ago, I lived and worked in Livingstone, Zambia which is only 7 miles from the famous Victoria Falls. One of my favourite African proverbs ...

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Mary McLaren puts the spotlight on Tree Wardens

Posted: 08.03.21 by Mary McLaren Opinion

During our long period of COVID-19 Restrictions, “reserved Brits” have discovered that hugging another person is a privilege which we hav...

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Alastair McCraw column: Let's talk about - water

Posted: 26.02.21 by Alastair McCraw Opinion

Like many I was pleased to hear the announcement of an extra £1M for Highways Flooding and road improvements in Suffolk. Of course, this was announce...

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Mary McLaren puts the spotlight on FARMING

Posted: 23.02.21 by The Editor Opinion

Mary's McLaren the Suffolk County Council prospective candidate for the Peninsula Division talks farming Farmers know all about stor...

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