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Ganges councillor talks about swimming pool, Queen's Head, Erwarton planning, free money and a green corridor

Posted: 17.09.20 by Babergh District Councillor Derek Davis Opinion

District council report: Derek Davis, Ganges Ward (Shotley & Erwarton) The devil, as they say, is often in the detail. This is particul...

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I was there as Ipswich won their first EFL game of the season but I could have been watching football on the moon

Posted: 13.09.20 by Derek Davis Opinion

Nub News journalist Derek Davis gives his thoughts after attending Ipswich Town's EFL season opener against Wigan, without fans allowed. ...

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AONB: monthly update from Simon Amstutz

Posted: 01.09.20 by Simon Amstutz Opinion

August 2020 AONB Monthly update 1. Volunteers Return, albeit in a limited way The fantastic AONB volunteers had to be stood down during the current ...

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Trolls and worse have no right to try and drive out councillors

Posted: 29.08.20 by Derek Davis Opinion

District Councillor Report - Derek Davis Ganges ward I know being a councillor, journalist and part-time referee, will never see me liste...

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Councillor deals with misconceptions over controversial permission for McDonalds and business parks at Wherstead

Posted: 31.07.20 by Derek Davis Opinion

Comment by Babergh district councillor Derek Davis There is no doubt the controversial decisions by Babergh's planning committee has caused con...

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Ganges ward update: Councillor has locality budget to share with Shotley community groups

Posted: 18.07.20 by Derek Davis Opinion

Monthly report by Derek Davis - Babergh District Councillor for Ganges ward (Shotley & Erwarton) New Locality Grants Fund One piece of go...

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Councillor warns 'Nobody is invulnerable, Everybody is responsible’ in monthly report.

Posted: 28.06.20 by Alastair McCraw Opinion

REPORT TO PARISH, BRANTHAM WARD (updated) JULY 2020 Babergh District Councillor Alastair McCraw INTRODUCTION When I wrote the body of my monthly...

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Caring partnership created

Posted: 18.06.20 by Sarah Whitby Opinion

Through testing pandemic times, there comes teamwork and great bonds The coronavirus pandemic has been an extremely difficult time for man...

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Andrew Coulson's Pause for Thought

Posted: 13.06.20 by Andrew Coulson Opinion

Bible Reading - Acts 4: 33 – 36 And with great power the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And great grace was upon th...

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Butt & Oyster lockdown takeaway review

Posted: 12.06.20 by Hungry Hack Opinion

With many pubs and takeaways fighting a bitter battle just to survive the Hungry Hack has decided to try out each one of the menus we get to know abou...

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