Localised lockdown plan for peninsula revealed today

  Posted: 30.06.20 at 07:10 by The Editor

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Care homes, schools and other high risk area have been identified as key in a new plan, which sets out how the Shotley peninsula along with the rest of Suffolk, would prevent and respond to a localised outbreak of COVID-19 published today.

Leicester has been told it most remain in lockdown for a further two week, and Suffolk’s Local Outbreak Control Plan will be triggered where there are suspected or confirmed COVID-19 outbreaks in any setting or community within the county.

The plan, which was a requirement of Government to all local authorities, outlines measures to prevent, manage and contain outbreaks of Coronavirus and protect the public’s health. It builds upon existing relationships and processes in place with partner agencies across Suffolk.

It outlines how complex cases will be managed in more than 30 high-risk places, locations and communities, in particular care homes and schools. It also outlines local testing capacity, use of data to identify and proactively manage outbreaks, and contact tracing in complex settings.

An outbreak is defined when there are two or more cases in high-risk settings or a greater than expected occurrence of COVID-19 compared with the usual level for a particular place and time.

Stuart Keeble, Director of Public Health at Suffolk County Council, who is leading this outbreak plan, said: “COVID-19 has had a significant impact on all of our lives and sadly, we will be living with the threat of the virus for many months to come.

Covid-19 test centre

“Whilst this plan outlines how Suffolk will best respond to outbreaks, prevention of the virus is absolutely vital in making sure the number of new cases continues to decline in Suffolk.

"We must all continue to follow social distancing guidelines and ensure we wash our hands regularly, to avoid a second wave of the pandemic. If you develop symptoms of coronavirus make sure you get a test and isolate at home.”

Delivery of the Local Outbreak Control Plan will be co-ordinated by the Suffolk COVID-19 Coordination Centre. All information (including outbreak notifications) and national guidance will be received here, which enables a co-ordinated response allowing tasks to be allocated to the most appropriate partners.

Suffolk has received £2.79million from a £300million Government fund to support delivery of the Local Outbreak Control Plan, to be unveiled at 09.30.

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